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Hey all,

Wondering if you can help / confirm my problem.

I've used a great little app called 'whatsapp' over the last couple of months however, this morning it seems to have stopped working. Those of you who use it will be familiar with its funcionality...

I upgraded to the new version and I thought this was probably the problem but it looks as if it might just be co-incedence as all of my friends are experiencing the same problems.

Push notifications still work however on loading the app the message is not recieved. If you're 'online' then the messages will come through no problem but if the app if closed it simply doesnt work anymore.

I've tried everything now, restarting phone, restarting app, turning off push and turning back on again, deleting app, reinstalling and all of the above again with no joy.

Is anybody having the same problems?

Thanks in advance...


Iphone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Whatsapp