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Is it possible to use the Disk utility or the ASR command to create a Disk Image of an SD card?
I have been trying for a week or so now, and cant get it to work.

I have a Tom Tom GPS unit, and the complete software, and maps to run the GPS are stored solely on an SD card (NOT SDHC. I was trying to make a backup of the card by creating an image.

Yes, I can just copy the files off using Finder, and that works fine. But having initially tried using D.U. and failed, I would like to know why it did not work, and if it is possible to do what I am attempting.

I created a Read/write image using Disk Utility of the original SD card. Then tried using the Restore tab of Disk Utility to Restore the Image to a new SD card....but I get this error:

*Could not find any scan information. The source image needs to be imagescanned before it can be restored.*

I try the Image/Scan for restore Menu item and get this:
Unable to scanXYZ.dmg (Invalid argument)

A second image DID scan correctly, but then I get the same error as using ASR ...that there is not enough space....trying to restore a 2 gb image to a 4gb card.

I also and recently tried the ASR command, using the original disk as Source and a second (bigger 4Gb) SD card as the target.

Here is what I got with ASR

Last login: Sun Feb 14 12:02:02 on ttys000
Bon-Air-Mac-Pro:~ neil$ /usr/sbin/asr restore --source /Volumes/TOMTOMDISK -target /Volumes/Untitled -erase -noprompt -timeout 0 -puppetstrings -noverify --verbose
XSTA start 139 client
XSTA setup
Validating target...done
XSTA metadata
Validating source...done
Repartitioning target device...done
Erasing target device /dev/disk6s2...done
Validating sizes...
Not enough space on /dev/disk6s2 to restore
XSTA fail
Bon-Air-Mac-Pro:~ neil$

The source SD card is 2Gb and the target 4 GB yet I get the Not enough space error.

The disk is FAT32....

I have also tried to create blank images using Disk Utility..And get the same errors.

I wondered if this was a FAT format issue, so tried creating images in Mac OS formats, but they also fail with the same errors that I get using the FAT Format images

So now I am wondering if it is an SD card or USB card reader problem....I have tried 4 different brands of SD card, in 5 different reader devices (printer slot, 2 different USB readers, the Tom Tom itself and a camera)

Anyone shed any light on this? It is not critical , as I said earlier I CAN create the backups using Finder and copying the files off the SD card....but would like to know what the 'problem' is using either D.U. or the terminal and ASR.


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