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I used to use a different mp3 player but my brother has been ipod for years. We both shared a music folder on our external drive for most of our music. Recently (not before time I hear you say, lol) I have upgraded to an ipod touch and when I add CD's or songs I've purchased through the itunes store they went into the C:drive of the laptop.

Our laptop is really tight for space so I want to transfer this to the D: external drive (without losing ratings, play counts and play lists). How do I go about doing this without messing about with the D: itunes folder that we both share.

P.s. It's not important to me that the CD's and music I bought go into this shared folder (he doesn't like some of the stuff I like anyway) but it is important that I get this off my limited space C:drive and onto the external hard drive.

Thanks in advance.

Toshiba, Windows Vista