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Well...it's back.

After finally updating my iphone to latest OS I notice that I cannot play MP4s again from mobile safari.

I am using 2-way https (client and server auth) and can get to apache web server dir listing fine where videos are shown.

When I click on an mp4 file (readable by all once you auth) the video player comes up (so it is detecting file type) and then I get the message "video cannot be played".

I have rebooted the phone eliminating any "cached page" issues.

This is a bummer because the only reason I bought the iPhone was for watching videos from my Axis security cameras. Nothing has chnaged in the Axis camera configuraion and it is delivering 640x480 mp4 vids same as before.

I am posting this again as my prior post appears archived/locked (although I could post).

Any ideas?

many, Other OS, ubuntu 64-bit