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Emily Kessler Level 1 (35 points)
Hi. I'm using iPhoto 09, and have posted many MobileMe galleries over the years. Recently, I changed my MobileMe password. Now, iPhoto tells me that an "error occurred with the publication of album 'XYZ' Your MobileMe account information is not correct. The provided login or password is not valid" and it prompts me to return to MobileMe Preferences to re-enter my correct login and password. Well, the trouble is that I've done this many times. (Which also causes sync problems - but that's another story.) And though my System Preferences are now correct, I still cannot successfully update a MobileMe gallery in iPhoto. I checked my settings in the Keychain, and all is fine. I also trashed iPhoto preferences, but the problem still remains. Any thoughts on how to solve this irritating problem? Thanks!

Mac G5; MacBook Pro & iPhone 3G (3.0), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Try the following:

    1 - go to your System/MobileMe preference pane and log out of your MMe account.
    2 - log in with a bogus account name and password to clear the caches.
    3 - log in with the correct name and password.

    Launch iPhoto and try publishing again.

  • Emily Kessler Level 1 (35 points)
    Yes - that seems that have solved the problem. Many thanks!
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    I found another solution based on this posting.
    Works perfectly.

    +I have the same problem and started a thread about it on Apple's discussion board, see http://discussions.apple.com/thread....art=0&tstart=0+

    +First, I'd suggest sending Apple feedback on it (select "Provide iPhoto Feedback" from the iPhoto menu).+

    +When you change your MM password, you need to enter the new password in MobileMe in System Preferences. When you select MobileMe in System Preferences, it will (correctly) say that your password has changed and ask for the new one.+

    +It looks like the problem with iPhoto is that when you enter the new password in MobileMe preferences, the keychain entry for it isn't being updated. Look for publish.me.com in Keychain Access. It will probably have the old password. Changing it there and then signing out/in in MM System Preferences seems to fix the problem with iPhoto. If not, try deleting publish.me.com in Keychain Access and then sign out/in to MobileMe in System Preferences.+
    +Give it a try and post what happens.+