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Hey EVeryone

I am looking at a Digi 003 interface for running Logic... we are keen to use an automated desk, instead of the Yamaha n12 currently in use...

The n12 has been BRILLIANT in terms of low-latency monitoring - we usually run it at a buffer of 32 samples and for most scenarios, even with a fair few effects running, that works really well for direct monitoring through Logic.

I'm interested to know what experiences people have had with the Digi 003 in terms of latency...

Another thing I love about the n12 is that I can just monitor straight through it, when I don't need to run any effects in real-time on the channel I'm recording. This is a simple thing that's really handy.
Is there any such option for running a channel straight through the 003 at zero-latency, if required?

Any other feedback, beyond the issue of latency, would also be welcomed!


Mac Pro 2.66GHz quad-core Nehalem + Logic Pro 9.1, Mac OS X (10.6.2), (Yamaha n12 + Kurzweil PC3x + Korg Triton Extreme + Roland TD12 V-Drums)
  • mattrixx Level 3 Level 3
    If you are not using ProTools, don't get a 003... There are way better interfaces available that have much better drivers.
  • Bobbi Style Level 2 Level 2
    Hi Mike

    I have a 003R, I loath it. I have had to have it sent back for repair many times to Digidesign. I bought it to retain compatibility with ProTools incase clients brought PT sessions in. Well, since I bought it, I have had zero requests to use PT. It has issues with latency, frequently changing from one recording to another and not recognizing the buffer settings within Logic. The latency issues were the same within PT too, even switching from 44.1 to higher settings like 48Khz made it have latency. I have had enough so I am selling it and switching back to an all Apogee system.

    Mattrix is right, shop around, there are way better systems for less money out there. Only get one if you absolutely need ProTools compatibility.


    ps Another frequent problem is it "drops" from the system and you have to reboot it to use it again...
  • Eddie Eagle Level 3 Level 3

    I have a 003 for sale for exactly that reason. Its not a great interface.

  • yeloop Level 1 Level 1
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your replies! So good to be able to suss these things out on this forum...

    Looks like I won't be going anywhere near an 003 then! My Yamaha n12 has really good drivers that support very low latency. Apart from the lack of automation, it's pretty much perfect.

    Might just look at getting a control surface that's separate, and sticking to the good old Yamaha as my audio interface!

    Thanks again guys!