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I am trying to delete a mailbox, which is under the "Mailboxes" section of the Mail sidebar (i.e. it is not a Smart Mailbox, nor is it under "On My Mac".

*What I have done:*
1. Selected mailbox
2. Selected "Delete Mailbox" from the Mailbox drop down menu
3. This action deleted the contents of the mailbox, but not the icon in the sidebar
4. Restarted the computer to see if this would reset anything, but it is still there.

I know this has been discussed in other posts, but one was left unresolved and the other did not provide enough detail as to what finally succeeded.


MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Kappy Level 10 (265,883 points)
    If the mailbox is not on your computer then it's on the email server which is most likely why you cannot delete it locally. Is this an IMAP account? Did you create this mailbox or is it a default account mailbox? Usually you cannot delete the latter.
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    Open Mail from dashboard.
    Click on Mail top left.
    Select Preferences.
    Accounts window should open. Select Accounts tab at top ( that's the "@" icon).
    Highlight the mailbox you wish to delete.
    Click on the little box at the bottom left with the minus sign in it ( - ).

    P.S. Mail is rather obtuse. If you have difficulty creating another mailbox account, I have a hidden trick that even some Apple geniuses don't know, and Apple won't tell you (unless they can make a buck off you). garbage744@sbcglobal.net.
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    That'a not a mailbox, that's an entire mail account. I don't think the OP wants to delete an entire account if I read correctly.

    Unless I learned a different language a "mailbox" is not the same as a "mail account."

    If you have "free" hidden tricks shouldn't you tell us what they are? Your invitation seems to imply something else. If it's free, then why not divulge it here?
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    Garbage 744 gets the prize! Thanks.