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Alright. So I have this iPod Touch. My old computer crashed and died, so we had to get a new tower. Saturday I bought a bunch of music from iTunes, and it took until Sunday to download it all. So Sunday I try to sync the music to my iPod, and my computer doesnt even register my iPod. ITunes doesn't pop up like it usually does, and it doesn't even start charging my iPod. I tried four different iPod USB cables, all with the same results. Aha, but here's the thing: both my parents have iPod touches, the same one as I do, and iTunes and everything works for them. It doesn't work for mine. Is this iPod discrimination, or am I too technologically stupid to realize what's wrong? Help, please? (:

Compaq Presario tower/ HP mx705 moniter, Windows 7
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    I was all set to blame your new computer system and the I read about your parents' touches. Oh well, so much for that theory.

    Try doing a hard reset on your touch. Hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button down together until you see the Apple logo. Release the buttons and let the touch restart. Try plugging it back into iTunes and see if that works. If it doesn't...

    Put your touch into recovery mode.
    1. unplug your touch
    2. hold down the Sleep/Wake switch and turn the iPod off when the red slider appears
    3. start iTunes
    4. hold down the Home key on the touch and keep holding it down while you plug your touch back into your computer. Continue to hold the Home button down until iTunes tells you it has "detected and iPod in Recovery Mode". Follow the on screen instructions and restore your iPod.

    And if none of those things work, your touch needs to be replaced or repaired.