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I thought this was a thing of the past but it has re-appeared again but this time, the original workaround will not work. See this post for that:


This time around, the fix referenced above not only doesn't get rid of the folders, but removes the DVDSP menu bar at the top of the screen, requiring a keyboard command quit.

The original problem is this: When launching DVDSP, two identical folders titles "MultiMediaImporter.oxygene" appear in the dock, and continue to bounce for about 25 seconds. They cannot be closed or removed from the dock as long as DVDSP is running. There seems to be no effect of functioning in the app, it is simply annoying. In my case, I have a full dock as it is, and adding two more folders pushes everything off screen.

This is the latest version of FCS with all updates. I've done the usual pref trashing and etc.

Mac Pro-2 x Quad 2.8 - 22GB RAM - nvidia8800GT, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Blackmagic Multibridge Pro - Wacom tablet
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    I had been searching for a solution for this for a long time - This worked like a charm!!

    To reiterate:
    Problem: upon launching DVD Studio Pro two generic folder icons representing multimediaimporter.oxygene also 'launch'.

    Start DVD Studio Pro. Right-click on one of the 'multimediaimporter.oxygene' folders in the Dock and select 'Show in Finder'. Quit DVD Studio Pro now. Back in Finder navigate to the 'Contents' folder of 'multimediaimporter.oxygene' and back-up the existing 'Info.plist' by selecting File > Duplicate in Finder. Now open 'Info.plist' in TextEdit. After the 5th line ("<dict">) add two lines:
    You can also add a tab at the beginning of the line for formatting . Save the changes and relaunch DVD Studio Pro for all you authoring needs.

    NOTE go to the 'Contents' folder that is inside the 'multimediaimporter.oxygene' folder (not the 'Contents' folder that the 'multimediaimporter.oxygene' is in.
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    my machines have always done this. Is there anything really wrong with it? I always assumed that it was part of the process.
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    We just bought a brand-new iMac (Snow Leopard, currently 10.6.3) and the first time we opened iDVD, these two "mystery" folders (MultiMediaImporter.oxygene) showed up bouncing on the task bar. Odd, especially that all these other topics are so old. We followed the fix on this page, dropping in a couple of items in the "Info.plist". This is not DVDSP, but just plain iDVD. (Perian was not involved at all.)

    Anyone else see this again?
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    Did you notice when you switch to any of the MultimediaImporter.oxygene apps/folders and go to the menu bar; you get the spinning beach ball? That means they are NOT RESPONDING. Launch the Force Quit window and you'll see what I mean.

    To all of you who are suggesting to "just ignore" those two apps/folders and continue using DVD SP like that please re-consider your advice.

    DON'T RISK IT! Do not run DVD Studio Pro with this condition. There's too much at stake especially when you send of a project to get replicated thousands or hundreds of thousands of times. You might be sorry.

    APPLE: What is the update with this problem?