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Alright, I tried to update my ipod this morning, only for the device to fail, and go into recovery mode. Now, I don't use the home computer for the ipod all the time, I downloaded all my music from iTunes off of the ipod itself. I realize you have to backup files and whatnot, but I lost all my purchased music, but because I downloaded them using the device, and not on my desktop, I lost all my music due to the update causing the ipod to go into recovery mode from a failed update. I find it absolutely rediculous that apps can be downloaded again for free, and media files cannot be. I lost a good chunk of my music library due to this screw up, and I'm very unhappy with the result. I'd like to find a way to either download my lost music files for free, since I've already paid a lot of money for all of them, or be reimbursed so I can at least purchase them again.

When I downloaded the new update, it kept asking for an installation disc. Why would I be asked for an install disc when all the information is supposed to be provied in the download? I lost all of my music because of this software glitch, and made the ipod go into recovery mode.


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    I am sorry for your problems but the original design of all iPods is to store your media on your computer where it is relatively safe and you can back it to other media. Why wouldn't you want to do that? You could drop your touch in the toilet and be in exactly the same situation you are now. You could leave your touch on the bus, in a restaurant, or have it stolen - and you would be in exactly the same situation you are now. If you had just synced your iPod, you would be asking how to get it running again.

    Make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed and recover/restore your iPod. Contact the iTunes store and if you purchased the music from there, they will generally let you download it again on an individual basis.

    In the future, sync your touch on a regular basis.
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    This happened to me too.

    I had recently downloaded a lot of music straight to iPod and thought I should back it up ASAP and transfer it to my PC. However when I did this it asked me to install the update and that's when it went in to recovery mode. It said I needed to "restore" it. After it had done this I found it had wiped the whole thing so when I synced from PC to iPod, the most recent stuff was gone.

    I have lost about £80 worth of music which is pretty gutting. Especially since I wouldn't have lost it had I not decided to try and back it up. Plus it was an update from apple that caused the problem in the first place. I would email apple and make my case but I don't know if it's worth it, plus when I go to the support pages they don't seem to just give an email address!

    I'm pretty disgruntled!
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    I've read off rock and cydia that this update while fixing some minor glitches also prevents your device from ever being jail broken.
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    The same thing happened to me but the recovery won't complete. I keep getting an unknown error message with a 14 code. Any ideas on what to do next?