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I've had my ipod touch for about a year now, and the other day itunes told me I needed to download the new software and such. FYI, I use Vista (unfortunately. Probably not helping with the problem).

I am aware that this is a common problem. I have *tried everything* I can find at the moment, when I plug it into a different laptop nothing happens.

- I download itunes 9 etc and suddenly it says "ERROR OCCURRED" or something, I don't remember the error message too well (sorry).

- This didn't surprise me, I am used to itunes/ipods messing up on me. So I wait a while, and download the new software again. It installs.

*- A screen on my ipod appears with the itunes logo, a usb cable and "itunes".*

- I connect the ipod to the laptop. Nothing happens. Vista pops up saying:

*'Windows needs to install driver software for your Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)*

- Locate and Install driver software (recommended)

- > Ask me again later

- Don't show this message again for this device'

I click the first, it asks me for a disk {which obviously I don't have), when I click 'show me other options' it tells me it couldn't find driver software. Clicking on anything from here results in nothing or failure to find the driver or whatever.

*I've tried everything on this site including* rebooting, reinstalling, completely destroying any trace of itunes and associated programs on my computer (using Windows install cleanup too) and then installing again, manually disabling/enabling/repairing/everything else under the sun to the driver in the driver menu. The same thing happens every time.

So uh, any help? I've backed up everything on my harddrive so I'm open to practically anything. I'm so sick of errors with ipods, I've never had so much trouble with any other gadget ): Maybe I'm just cursed lol.

Toshiba, Windows XP