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I have seen a number of recommendations but nothing has worked for me regarding the slow Internet people are experiencing with Mac Pros. Here is my scenario:

I have a Mac Mini which is connected to my Netgear router with the exact same configuration as my new Mac Pro. Mini gets average download speed of 10.5Mb/s and upload speed of 7.4Mb/s. The Mac Pro (same OS) is getting upload speed of 0.93Mb/s and upload of 0.09Mb/s.

Like I said, I have tried changing the DNS servers with no change whatsoever. Made a new Location in systems prefs, no luck. Tried setting to "Configure IPv6" to "Off" and still nothing. The Mac Pro is brand new as of last nite and the card was just installed then. Wire 3 is on the top, 1 on the bottom and 2 is not attached.

Any ideas? I'm desperate!

Mac Pro (early 2009) 2.66GHz, 4,1; Mac Mini 1.66 CoreDuo; PowerBook Ti, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Upgrade the modem or router, especially if they are no longer being supported with new firmware from the vendors.

    How old is the Mini?

    When I got Mac Pro I read a lot about problems with various makes of modems and routers with Intel based Macs. Then I saw where older devices needed to be upgraded for Vista (and probably Mac OS X but that wasn't listed).

    I have Xtreme ADSL and the annoying issues I had went away when I installed new faster DSL modem.
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    The wireless router is a Netgear WGR614v6 and the Mini is a Intel Core Duo from 2006/2007.

    While purchasing new hardware may be one way of resolving this, I would prefer to keep the router I have and configure the Mac Pro to work with it. I am not looking for increased performance from the Mac Pro in terms of upload/download speed, simply to get the same speed connection I get with the Mac Mini sitting on the other desk.
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    I don't use the wireless, and I know wireless is a 2nd issue mentioned here.

    Was it you in the past? I keep hearing "prefer not to" but you want a fix?


    $40 doesn't seem all that bad.

    Of course there is now v9 but do you have the latest firmware?
    WGR614v6 Firmware Version 2.0.19_1.0.19
    *Published May. 8, 2007*

    In my case, there were no more firmware updates. It was 4 generations older than currently sold and supported. I'd say yours is also 3 yrs past due. And the v9 shows last *Updated Date: 12/17/2009.*

    Your Mini and router are both from same era

    Seems like getting 1/10th of performance is worth making a change if that is the only real upgrade path.

    Maybe just me, but I know new hardware and OS will require new hardware equipment.
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    I'm not sure if you are sincerely trying to help or if you are now just trying to point fingers. Both machines are running the same OS via airport cards to the same router. I don't think that buying more hardware is always the answer. Some of us live on budgets and while a new router may make my life easier, it's an extra $40-80 I don't need to spend at this moment. If you are still interested in assisting me, I welcome it. However from your statement "I don't use the wireless…" it seems like you just want to make jabs. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    I went and found the date of your firmware and what a new model is.

    If you don't like the advice, fine, I am not in the business of helping people that are ungrateful.

    I had my own first hand experience with all this type of issue when I went from G4 to Mac Pro and *over the course of months* trying to solve and get ISP and testing lines etc. I would have been happy to know and spend $40 (and in the end I did buy new $135 ADSL modem after putting that off for a year!).
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    Another forum bully. I already have that firmware installed.