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Hi. I'm using the iTunes 9 on my Windows 7 64-bit. I've imported some mp3 songs to my iTunes library and I've noticed that some of them don't play well, they sound very distorted like it's playing on a very high speed and after a few seconds of playback it just stops playing, but when I try to play them in another music player (like Windows Media Player) they sound normal. Also, when I snyc those songs to my iPhone 3G or my iPod Nano 4th gen, I can actually hear the music and the lyrics in the background, but not too well because of the distortion. I don't know much about computing, so I've googled this problem but couldn't find the solution to it. Thanks for your help

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HP Compaq 6715b, Windows 7
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    I have encountered the same problem. Do the songs play alright in Windows Media Player? I've found that its something with iTunes making the audio distort, and not the files themselves. WMP should work fine, although you will have to remake your playlists and edit your library to your liking.
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    Yes, as I've already said, the files can be opened and played in other players such as WMP, but that doesn't solve the problem and doesn't explain why can't I play those songs in iTunes. :-\
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    I'm having the same problem with horrible sound quality from iTunes, slightly better from QuickTime and perfect playback from Windows Media Player. It sounds totally muffled especially with powerful base tones. The really annoying thing is the playback from my iPhone is equally as bad as iTunes. I have tried all the quick fixes from various forums and nothing has worked. I'm playing 320kbps mp3's and listening with BOSE QC15's.

    Someone Please Help!!!!!!
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    has anybody heard anything new on this problem?

    it's extremely annoying and I really don't know what to do or where to look for solution.

    any player but iTunes can playback my files alright. iTunes crackles and distorts quite a lot of music in particular at soprano vocal parts and classics.
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    please please.... I need help on this. Anybody?... any ideas? I don't want to think about other music library manager / player but it seems I will have to...
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    No solutions I'm afraid - other than the previous suggestions of don't use iTunes for playback - but I can confirm that the crackling in iTunes is a major issue...

    I'm not sure if it isn't something to do with the way iTunes uses the hardware as I only got my new laptop at christmas, and I never noticed the crackling on my old laptop. The one major difference software wise was old laptop was 32bit Windows 7, new laptop is 64bit.

    I did think for a while it was a hardware issue with the new laptop, but the exact same 256kbps MP3 (Cubik by 808 State in this case) plays perfectly in Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Nero Showtime and Amarok (I dual boot to kubuntu 9.10) but is crackly as anything from the start when played in iTunes or Quicktime. This is the only track I've really taken the time to test in all programs, but I've noticed crackling in iTunes on a LOT of tracks and I'm willing to bet that they play fine elsewhere...

    It baffles me how Apple can get this so wrong in such a key product.