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Hello everyone...
There IS a way to convert Appleworks 6 drawings to open and edit in Pages. I found this info on the net, and it does indeed work. If this info has been posted B4, I apologize!
Here goes:

1) Open the drawing document in AppleWorks, use "Select All" and then copy the selection. Now open a new Word Processor document in AppleWorks. If you don't have the tools palette visible, select Show Tools from the Window menu. Now click on the arrow pointer toward the top of the tool palette. (This deactivates the insert text cursor from the WP doc you just created. If you don't do this step your drawing objects will be pasted as a single graphic.)

Now do the Paste command and everything from your Drawing document is pasted into the WP doc, but still as a collection of individual drawing objects. Now save this document with whatever name you want. Then open the resulting document in Pages. It WILL open and all the drawing objects are still editable. I even found that you can still ungroup objects that were grouped in AW.

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