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I have several calendars in iCal on my Mac and also one calendar on Outlook at work. One of my iCal calendars is labeled "Retail Sales" in iCal and n my iPhone. Windows Outlook only has one called "calendar" which I want to sync to the iPhone calendar labeles "Retail Sales"

How do I do this in iTunes on the PC at work? Everything has always worked on my Mac at home just fine.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    I do have a similar issue. I have 3 calendars on my iPhone 3G, sync'ed with my MacBookPro: Work, Private, Misc. I also have a windows laptop at work using Outlook, including one single calendar with all my work related entries. Now I do want to install iTunes on my work laptop to sync the 'Work' calendar with Outlook. Is this possible at all? And how - in return - can I make sure that the new events created on my windows laptop at work are being synchronized just into the 'Work' calendar on my iPhone?
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    You can't sync your Windows Outlook calendar to the Retail Sales calender - if you sync to your PC at work, the Outlook calendar will be a separate calendar on the iPhone. To do that, before connecting the iPhone to the PC, open iTunes Preferences (devices tab) and turn off automatic syncing. When you connect the phone, go through all the tabs and turn off everything except calendar syncing (disable syncing of music, apps, etc.).

    Note that a side effect of doing this is that the calendars from your Mac will also sync back to Outlook.

    One alternative would be to use something like O2M to export your Outlook calendar to a .ics file, take that home on a flash drive and import it into iCal (you could then choose to import it into the Retail Sales calendar), then sync your iPhone.
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    And they ask me why I use a Mac. The mind numbing rigidity of Windoze never ceases to amaze me.

    ONE Question: How will the other calendars on my iPhone show up in Outlook? Is there some sort of way to categorize the calendar entries by group or something.

    Thanks for the reply. I'll ponder the choices.