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Hello Everyone!
I bought a unibody macbook pro the day of release, and i noticed this week that there are 2 small bright spots on my display. When you look on a light colored background, there are 2 blobs that are lighter than the rest of the display. Does anyone have any experience to what this could be? I have only noticed it now so i am assuming it just appeared and i doubt that it could have passed me for 1 1/2 years! Could it possibly be dust? or LCD damage? When you look at it from a side angle, it isn't visible. I might try uploading a picture sometime… Thanks for any info!

Late 2008 Unibody MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.2), 2.53 GHz 4GB 320GB 7200rpm
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    Pictures would help. Otherwise, if you have an Apple Store or AASP nearby, you might take it by and ask them what they think.

    Good luck!
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    Apparently it's an issue with the LCD glass pressing against the LCD. I've had this same issue for about 2 months now, but unfortunately haven't been able to take it in since I'm a college student with no car and the closest store is about an hour away. I've done some searching and it appears that some people have been able to get it taken care of under AppleCare. I'm thinking I might be able to take it in this weekend but I'm not sure. If you want to test it against something, go to this link and click "test screen" and then "check pixels."


    Edit: It's worth noting that it's easier to see the effect with a lower brightness.
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    I was able to visit the Apple Store on Friday and the Genius I was working with confirmed that it was an issue with pressure on the LCD, without me bringing up the issue as a possibility (I decided to act neutral at first). He said that it's typically from "misuse of the machine" and he will often times see dents in the back of the LCD indicating accidental damage by the user, which of course isn't covered under the warranty. Though, since my unit is still in very decent condition, lacking any dents or blemishes on the aluminum, he said that "obviously that isn't the case here" and said that it was replaceable under the warranty. I suggest that if your MBP is still under AppleCare, that you take it in and get it repaired. If not, for your benefit (and whoever else views this thread) I will post again with the parts receipt as to what the cost would be if not under warranty.
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    Hi, got the same problem 3 months after the end of my warranty (I didn't bought an applecare extension). I really found shocking that for a such expensive machine have these kind of issues.

    *I understand why they changed the default background to a galaxy full of bright dots to hide them.*

    My advice for all people who own a MB or MBP is to use a single color background to check if the screen having this issue.

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