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Wesley L Roberts Level 1 Level 1
Why are my TV episodes all out of order in iTunes and on my iPod? I have two seasons of the same show and yet now most of the episodes are listed under the first season even though a lot of the episodes are from the second season they are listed under the first season? There are only like 3 episodes under the second season but that season already has like 15 episodes that should be listed under it. How do you get your TV shows to be in order and under the correct season?

Windows 7
  • Craig Johnson Level 4 Level 4
    The trick with TV episodes is to put the episode number in two places: as the track number on the Info tab and of course as the episode number on the Video tab. Sometimes iTunes and the iPod pay attention to the track number, not the episode number. Also fill in the season number on the Video tab if you haven't already.

    Some people take the extra step of changing the album name on the Info tab so that it reflects the season, but that is not necessary to proper organization.

    Finally, make sure you're sorting the playlist (or whole TV library) correctly. That is, sort it by the Show column. The default way that songs are sorted is not accurate for a list of TV shows. (If you don't see a Show column, right-click a blank spot on the column bar to select your columns.) Once a list is sorted by show, then the series numbers and episode/track numbers fall into place perfectly.