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I have a late 2008 model MacBook unibody and I am looking to upgrade my HDD from the old spinning drive to a SSD. Can someone with a macbook that order the SSD installed direct from apple please tell me the part number and details so I can order it.

Apple wont help me order the drive or even give me any information other than "128GB SSD" so I am hoping my MAC friends can help!


2.4 MacBook AL, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    You can buy and install any current 2.5" SSD that has a SATA connection, as nearly all of them do. Which drive Apple installs in configure-to-order MBPs may vary from day to day and week to week. There is no assurance that two machines ordered with SSDs installed will both have the same unit in them. The buyer can't specify what make or model of SSD he will get — only the size. You can choose what you'll get if you order your own SSD from an independent vendor.
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    I wound up buying the Corsair P256 drive and installing it myself. Internally it is a Samsung drive, and works very well.