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How do I delete songs from my 2nd generation Ipod? I'm manually managing my songs and the manual says to click on Ipod Nano in the Source Panel of ITunes. Where exactly do I find "Ipod Nano" in the Source Panel? I've deleted songs from my playlist, deleted songs from my library, but they stay in my Ipod. I've been struggling with this problem for months and I just can't seem to find a solution. HELP!!!!!

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    Hello hedgehopper,
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    You click the small arrow next to the name of your iPod from under the Devices section on the left hand side of iTunes. This will cause Music, Videos, and such to appear under your iPod. From there, click on Music, where it should bring up a view similar to that of your main iTunes library. From there you can right->click and delete tracks as you wish.

    Hope this helps.

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    That did it! It's easy when you know how. Thanks so much for your help.