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hello all.
new to this discussions in apple.

sorry if my questions below are a repost or misplace the thread because this is my first post.

so, i have this brand new macbook white late 2009 (MC207) and i installed an original Windows 7 Home Premium via BootCamp. it all works well, i mean all of the component. almost. but i noticed one problem, which is the wi-fi connectivity.

i've checked the issue with the device manager and it turns out that the wi-fi adapter isnt recognized or like some kinda dont have a driver installed. i've tried to update the driver direct from the device manager but it said that windows cant find any driver that suits the adapter.

so everytime i wanna use a wi-fi connection via windows 7, i cant.

can anyone help me?

thanx in advance.

MacBook White MC207, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz, RAM 2GB DDR3, GF 9400M
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    On the Mac side... menu, choose, "About This Mac" then select More Info.

    See if it lists the Wi-fi component name/manufacturer.

    They usually use Broadcom.

    Either that or you will have to wait until Apple releases Bootcamp Windows-7 drivers.

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    BootCamp Drivers for Windows 7 were released on January 19, 2010.

    32-bit can be found here - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL996
    64-bit can be found here - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL979

    As you're having WiFi issues you'll need to plugin to download them. Upgrading to the latest driver set should resolve the WiFi issues. I had the same problem with a brand new MacBook last week, the 3.0 drivers wouldn't allow WiFi until I upgraded to the 3.1 drivers.
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    thanx for the reply guys.

    apparently, before i decided to post this topic i've already download that BootCamp update through the Apple Sofware Update which i got from installing the newest Safari on that Windows 7.

    the problem is (another one i guess), i finished download the update and then the OS ask me to restart the computer to finish all of the download process.
    i do the restart (booting to windows 7 directly, because my main OS on the notebook is mac which makes me have to press that option button on the keyboard), and it seems there is no problem with it until i tried to make another update through the Apple software Update once again.

    and you know what? that BootCamp Update 3.1 still on the list! so i do another download (2x total download on the same kind software update) and the results is the same right now. the BootCamp update is still on the list.

    maybe i'll try a separate download tonight and try to install it manually. hope it'll fix the wi-fi problem too.

    it's quite funny how windows 7 have this kind of issues though.

    i'll give the update ASAP.