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My 80GB iPod Classic keeps showing the red X icon despite my best efforts at restoring and putting it into disk mode. I first tried resetting the device but this did no good, the Apple screen came up but then went straight to the red X screen. I have tried to restore the device by putting it into disk mode, but again it won't respond and all it keeps doing is changing from the Apple screen straight to the red X. I have tried plugging the iPod into both my computer and my wall charger but this has done nothing. Sometimes a single 'click' sound comes from the iPod and although I'm not really technologically literate, I know this is something to do with the hard drive playing up.

I have taken great care of this iPod Classic, after my first one was dented and as a result had hard drive problems, my second one has not been dropped and always has a protective case around it. Before picking my iPod up today I hadn't used it for about a week or so, it was sitting in a cool and dry place in my room, and before then there was no problem with it at all.

I got my first Classic replaced free of charge at a Genius bar, but this one is now out of warranty so can't be as easily replaced again (or so I imagine), plus it's quite a trek to get there. Before coming here I dived right into getting my iPod serviced, but was put off with how narrow the problem description categories were on the drop down menus. I think mine is a hard drive issue which isn't even covered, and even if I choose something else, such as display (the red X is on the display, right?) there is nothing covering my problem at all. However, I'm probably doing the wrong thing so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated from you guys, thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it is likely caused by a faulty hard drive, see you can find a friend has a Mac computer and do the following :-

    For Mac computer
    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iTunes and click “Restore”
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    Right, thank you for the tips. However, what should I do if I can't get access to a Mac?

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    Go to apple shop, hope they will allow you to connect your iPod with one of their Mac.