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I'm using FCP 7.0.1 and trying to import an MXF-File of 25 GB into FCP. I read allready a lot of posts in different forums but didn't find the right tool to do the job.
"What kind of MXF?" will be the next question. Well it's deliverd from my broadcaster I should do the subtitling for. I can view it using VLC media player. Media information from VLC shows two streams - video and audio. The video stream says to use codec "mp2V", the audio stream appears as "s16l", 48000 Hz, 16 Bit.

The things I allready tried were "Calibrated{Q} MXF - Leopard", "XDCAM Transfer", "SpotXML 1.1" and "RaylightForMacDemo". Either I was to blockminded to make it run or they could not cope with it. The result is that still I can't stuff the dam... MXF into FCP, not to mention of getting it back that way.

I'm quite desperate because a years work could depend on it. So I loved to get some suggestions.

Thank you!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)