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Hello folks:

When I select an icc color profile in Aperture 3 in the Print dialog box, a warning pops up that says "Turn off Color Management in the Printer Driver." I have an Epson R2880, but for the life of me I cannot find a way to turn it off in the driver. Any thoughts? The Epson Printer Utility is also of no help.

Thank you!


Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    You do it when you print. The print dialog has a number of options in the drop down lost... one of them is color management and you need to pick the profile for your paper, and not choose ColorSync.
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    I have a Canon Pixma 9500 mark II printer. I've installed Snow Leopard & Aperture 3. When I try to print a photo, the preview image is dull/cloudy as compared to the original on screen. This carries through to the printer. I've selected the ICC profile for the paper in Aperture 3 but the infamous warning of "turn off color management in driver" pops up and I have no idea how to accomplish this. Everything I've looked at doesn't give me such an option. Even when I print and I see the two options of ColorSync & Canon Color Matching in the print dialog, they are grayed out/locked so I cannot change anything there. This is only true when printing from Aperture 3 so I'm assuming Aperture has done something to control this.

    Any thoughts? I don't understand why the print preview isn't identical to the main photo on the screen.
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    Thank you for your quick reply. I think I have located this drop down menu you've mentioned--is it the following, in the Print Settings dialog?

    Color Settings: Off (No Color Adjustment)

    It's currently set to:

    Color Settings: Epson Standard (sRGB)

    Kind regards,
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    Mac OS X
    I also have the 9500 mark II printer and have been trying to disable colour management since december. Canon say it is a known problem with Snow Leopard and Leopard but seem unwilling to fix it. There were similar problems with Epsom but these seem to have been resolved. I thought the problem for me was that I was using a color munki printer profiler to create profiles in CS4 for printing. It seems mad for me that the Canon Printer especially a semi pro model is not supported by Apple or that Canon do not fully support Snow Leopard.

    Apparently selecting Generic RGB is a work around although I have had little success.
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    I use a Canon PixmaPRO 9000 (and an MP 600). You select the ICC profile on the first screen and when you get to the second screen and look under Color Handling you will see that Colorsync is selected but greyed out - you cannot select Printer color management. Select your paper type under Media and you are good to go.

    Should you NOT want to use an ICC profile, then select "Printer Managed" on the first screen and when you get the the second screen you will see that Canon Color Matching is selected.

    Fairly easy to follow - with Canon printers, at least, it is done automatically. (This was introduced sometime ago with Aperture 2.)

    The print preview is ALWAYS a soft proof and will not look the same as the main screen unless you were using on screen proofing. (Which you probably should be using if it is a critical print job and you have the appropriate ICC profile.)
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    Mac OS X
    But to create a custom profile for colour management you need to disable colour profiling
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    Understanding that I have not actually used ColorJunki:

    -- A printer is always going to have something manage color. Either an ICC profile at the application level, or the printer driver.

    -- The warning is poorly worded. It means "Turn off the PRINTER color management and let Colorsync manage colors." Thus on the greyed out screen you will see that Colorsync is selected.

    -- To use a printer profiler you normally print a target sheet. Your software should tell you what settings to use.

    -- Next you read the target sheet and the profiler makes you an ICC profile of your printer/paper combination. (The same process that Canon, Epson, Red River, Illford, et al. follow.)

    -- You can now use your new, ColorMunki created ICC profile to soft proof your image as you adjust it and, finally,

    -- You use that same profile to print. (Remember, the profile is specific to a printer/paper combination and you will still have to set Quality/Media correctly for the paper.)

    By selecting the correct ICC profile on the first print screen, you automatically kill printer color management and, with a bit of luck, a good profile, and clement atmospheric conditions, you will actually get a good print.

    Trust me on this, I have been getting great prints from Aperture for years. My only gripe is that AP3 no longer lets me at the color options which I used to tweak for my cheap and cheerful Costco paper.
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    I spoke to Apple support about this exact topic today.
    In Aperture 3 when you select the required ICC profile for a Canon printer rather than "Printer Managed" that's it nothing more to do. When you select Print and move to the second screen and select Colour Matching the grayed out button for Colour Sync is selected. Unlike Nikon Capture NX2 when you get to this second screen you still have to select the ICC profile for the paper again so if you don't select Colour Matching and go ahead and print you could get wrong results!
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    Big Apple cat wrote:
    In Aperture 3 when you select the required ICC profile for a Canon printer rather than "Printer Managed" that's it nothing more to do.

    That's right assuming you have upgraded the Snow Leopard operating system to 10.6.3. Before that wonderful update, printing from Aperture gave me horribly magenta-tinted results even with an ICC profile being used. Now it's almost as good as printing within Photoshop but could still use a little improvement I believe.
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    Thanks for the guide
    I got an Canon Pro9500, and has always used the Automatic in color handling.
    I try whid the RGB settings now, and my prints for Spyder3Print gets darker now.

    Again, thanks for the info.
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    I have an Epson 2880 and a mac OS X Snow Leopard Intel Core 2 Duo and have photoshop CS3 and Aperture 3

    The epson is a recent purchase but since owning it I have not been able to produce satisfactory prints. They bear no resemblance to the picture on my monitor, and before you ask it has been calibrated.

    Whiter i set the icc profiles in CS3 photoshop or in the print dialog the images are either dull/ flat or magenta.

    If i chance the icc profiles ten this helps but I should be able to use the papers own profile for god results. The only success I have had to date is to save he file as a PDF open in adobe acrobat and then print. The color printed is almost exactly the same as on my monitor.

    There for I do not think it is the printer buy how and where one sets the profiles.

    I have sent the printer back to Espson but they have checked it and say there is nothing wrong.
    Is there someone out there that knows what and how to configure a mac snow leopard with aperture 3 and an Epson R2880