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When using iTunes for Windows versions 9.0.x you may get an *Error 306* message when trying to access the iTunes Store. Alternatively, you may be able to access the Store, but the Store displays oddly and clicking on any links in the odd display returns an Error 306 message.

The 306 error is related to issues with your proxy connections. A number of different things may potentially be causing the troubles, but a good place to start with your troubleshooting is adjusting your proxy connection settings in your Internet Options control panel.

(1) In your Start menu, select *Control Panel.*
(2) Open the *Internet Options* control panel. (If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista you may need to select *Classic View* on the left before you can see Internet Options. If you are using WIndows 7 you may need to change "View by" to either Large icons or Small icons before you can see Internet Options.)
(3) Click the Connections tab.
(4) Click the *LAN Settings* button.
(5) Uncheck "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN". (If that option is already unchecked, try checking and then unchecking it.)
(6) Click OK to exit the LAN Settings dialog.
(7) Click OK to exit the Internet Options control panel.
(8) Restart the PC and try connecting to the Store again.

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