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I want to copy music from a home network attached storage device (Lacie Ethernet Mini Disk) on our home network to a laptop (Windows 7) on our home network. I can access the iTunes library on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) just fine, but it doesn't show any of the album art. The view album art option isn't selectable. When I drag the songs to the laptop library, it copies the songs fine but no album art comes over. Note that if I load the NAS library instead of the laptop library when I open iTunes, I can see all of the album art. Its just when I view the NAS library in as a shared library that I can't see the art.

So, how do I copy music from one library to another in Home Sharing that includes album art?

Dell Inspiron, Windows Vista
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    When using Home Sharing, as far as I understand it, you are just linking to the music files stored on your network drive and don't have access to anything else such as file data.(I'm unsure if there is another way to do it)

    This is how I understand it.

    To gain access to a full library with album art, you will need to transfer all the files you want to your other computer, or, change the access on the other computer to point to the location of the Library of music files on the Network Drive.

    Under Preferences, Advanced you will need to point to the Directory your music is located in if you wish to leave the data on your network drive.
    If both machines are Windows PC's, then you should be fine with this function without changing anything else. It just means that if you add anything else to the library, you would need to update the library on each machine to show the new files.
    There is a way around this, and its something to do with storing the Library database file on the Network drive where your music is located so that all machines access the one library file, so that when updates occur, all machines will see it. Just search the support pages or web on this info.
    On reading this info though, I think only one machine can access iTunes at a time. Not sure on that though.

    If you don't want to go that route, then having seperate library database files on each machine would enable both to access the music files at the same time, but would need to be updated everytime you download or rip a new song or movie to the Music Folder, which is where you change the settings in the Advanced Tab.

    The other option, if you wish to take the music with you, would mean transfering all files to your laptop. This will involve the Library Function and Consolidate function.

    I think you just leave the Advanced File as it should be, which should point to a location on your laptop. Then, using the Add File Library function, point to the directory your music files are stored in. Once this is done, use the Consolidate function, and it will transfer all your data to your laptop and then you should have access to all music and album info.

    Once important thing. Don't move the data by hand, but let iTunes do it all for you. iTunes can get a bit confused if you start moving data yourself and can end up duplicating info all over the place if you're not sure what you are doing.

    I hope this info helps, as I'm still getting to grips with iTunes myself and Network access, but these are things I understand so far.
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    itunes stores album art downloaded from the store in a folder named Album Art. That doesn't get transferred over with Home Sharing, as you've found.

    That's one reason I write the artwork to the actual song file MP3 tags.
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    Thanks for all the good advice. I am going to try your advice of "Under Preferences, Advanced you will need to point to the Directory your music is located in if you wish to leave the data on your network drive." This isn't the perfect solution because I'd rather have windows sharing allow me to have a full copy (including artwork) on my both my NAS and my laptop. Then, I could take the music with me and I would have a simple backup routine at the same time. Maybe the next version of iTunes will address this problem. BTW, is there anywhere on this site to make feature recommendations?
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    Katrina S.:

    Thanks for the reply. How do you write the artwork to the actual song file MP3 tags? If it is easy, I can consolidate my file and copy it over to my Laptop as Capeview suggests and then imbed my art in all new artwork.

    But, how does artwork work? Does it store one image of the art and then all the songs can access it. Or is there an image for each song? And, how does it work if you write the artwork to th actual song file? Does it then store one image per song. It seems like that might take a lot of storage.
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    itunes store artwork is in that Album Art folder I mentioned. It's a subfolder of the itunes folder. There are a bunch of sub-subfolders in it with files that have nonsensical names or numbers on them and .itc or .itc2 file extensions. Just forget about those, they are unreadable by any program (other than itunes) that I've found. I suppose you could try moving them to your laptop and seeing if itunes will still use them. You'd have to report back on that!

    Writing artwork to each MP3 file puts it in the MP3 header. Just about any program that reads MP3s can use it. Yes, it stores one image per song. I've decided the hard drive storage cost is worth it to me - it's a personal preference, kilobytes per song for decent art.