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My first post to the forum - I've been going through the archives, but couldn't find a solution for the problem I'm having with my Xbox 360 connected to the Airport Extreme I bought recently.

Situation is as follows:
The Extreme works flawless with my macbooks, imac and iphones. The Xbox 360 connects through the wireless Xbox 360 adapter fine; I can sign in to my Xbox live account and play games on-line.

However, when I go the Marketplace channels and try to load its content, it look like a time out occurs and I get a '80072ee2' error. Some channels (movies sometimes) do load the first page with titles, but when I select one, I end up with the 80072ee2 again. It feels like it's working 'sometimes' but I can't find the logic in when or why...

I spoke to Xbox support and was told to open the following ports in my router:

TCP 80
UDP 88
TCP 3074
UDP 3074
TCP 53
UDP 53

I got to the port settings in the airport config, but I'm not sure how to proceed as to what to select, public UDP/TCP, private UDP/TCP, what private IP address to enter etc. I called Apple care for help and they suggested this support forum...

I have a Ubee cable modem (part of the installation kit of my -Dutch- provider Ziggo) to which the Airport is connected. All other devices I use in my wifi network work fine with the current setup.

Any suggestions...?

Macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Ubee cable modem
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