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Aperture 3 presets are starting to appear in the wild in a bunch of places on the net.

As of today, the busiest place to find links to presets is on the Flickr Aperture discussions, in this thread.

Terry Chay's preset articles:

Gary Seim, who is also maintaining a list of every preset he can find:
http://prophotoshow.net/seim_effects/2010/02/21/free-presets-pack-for-aperture-g avins-light-study1/

El TiDy:
http://www.itsadirtyword.com/downloads/ApertureAdjustmentPresets.zip (direct link to file)

Nathan Smith:

Gian Guido Zurli:

Pavel Sigarteu's Sin City set:

The old Aperture Network/new MacCreate site has a bunch of preset packs which are free to premium subscribers:
http://premium.maccreate.com/2010/02/21/nikon-d3d3s-graduated-and-neutral-densit y-presets-available/
http://premium.maccreate.com/2010/02/22/nikon-d3x-graduated-and-neutral-density- presets-available-copy/

Finally, I've set up a free gallery on my Aperture Assistant site where people can upload their presets in a searchable gallery along with before-and-after thumbnails, ready for anyone to download them.

http://aperture-assistant.com/presets *


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