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rgober225 Level 1 Level 1
My old iPod (3rd gen Nano I think) played podcasts one after another without break.
It was stolen or lost. The new iPod nano 5th generation won't do that continuous
play thing. Nothing I can do with the Repeat or Shuffle settings will affect it.
I don't want to hear the same podcast again and again; I want to hear the next one
from the source I loaded.
The iTunes help says I can get the behavior I want, but only for SONGS, not for
PODCASTS. What the heck?

Lenovo ThinkPad T60, Windows XP
  • CMCSK Level 6 Level 6
    Does the iPod Nano 5th Gen. User Manual (direct PDF download) say the same?
  • rgober225 Level 1 Level 1
    Nope, nothing from the iPod manual. Podcasts are second-class citizens, for sure.
    You can repeat "songs" and shuffle them and shake-and-shuffle, but none of those
    options is mentioned in connection with podcasts (only songs).
    No idea why the option is removed (removed!) for podcasts--it used to work.
    All these choices (shuffle, repeat, et al.) with songs, but not with podcasts.
    You can do "music searches" that include audio podcast titles, but that's it.
    The sales lady in my retailer knew about the issue and claimed that there was
    nothing for it. But I need to go to Apple for a real (better?) answer. Or a
    software update.
  • HelpMePlsTHX Level 1 Level 1
    Just came to this board because my nano 5th does not play podcasts continuously even after I put the podcasts in a smart play list. Reading these postings makes me think there is no hope for me unless I buy a new iPod. Any suggestions?
  • DChurches Level 1 Level 1
    I have the 5th generation Nano. Got it specifically for podcasts and now find no way to play them continuously. My cheapie MP3 players did that at least. What a pain. It is a big problem because I listen to them while doing other things... that usually involve using both hands. Now, after every podcast I have to stop what I'm doing, dig the thing out of my pocket (usually after removing gloves), click, click, click. I'm good for another few minutes.
    Who made this silly design decision?!
  • beckyp Level 1 Level 1
    I noticed this same thing. I made a Smart Playlist for each podcast (this also works with a regular playlist). When you sync your iPod, go to the MUSIC tab and check off the podcasts you want on your iPod. Then go to the PODCAST tab and check off the same playlists (from the list at the bottom). Play the playlist from MUSIC - PLAYLIST on your iPod rather than under Podcast. They will play sequentially until all podcasts in that playlist have been played.
  • Marco Mazzoni Level 1 Level 1
    I upgraded to a 5th Gen Nano to get the radio function and am also annoyed that my Podcasts do not play continuously in order. My old 3rd Gen Nano did just fine - one podcast after another.

    Using the next track button doesn't work either.

    This must be a bug.
  • ktigger2 Level 1 Level 1
    This is possible, because I do this on both my ipod touch and my nano 5G. My smart playlist is set with two rules: Media Kind is podcast and plays is 0. I then sort my playlist in release date order. In fact, since I've only had the nano for 3 weeks, I've been amazed that they synch completely...I can pick up on either at the exact spot I left off a podcast with (after computer synching, that is).
  • ktigger2 Level 1 Level 1
    And just when I say this-I had to restore my ipod and my podcast smart playlist no longer shows on the nano. ARGH!
  • ktigger2 Level 1 Level 1
    Aha-got it. BeckyP is right, under the podcasts tab, make sure to check off your Smart playlist under the "include episodes from playlists" section. I did that and wa-la, my podcast's smartlist is back on my pod. Play it by going Music>playlists>your smartlist. PHFEW.