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Hi all,
I needed a new HDD for my laptop, and now I don't know how I'm going to transfer all the content on my iPod touch to the new iTunes library on the new HDD. If you could help me, it would mean the world to me, thanks!

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    Do you not have all your music and stuff backed up to external disc or DVD or something?

    If you don't you'll have to risk using some third party software to take the info from your ipod and put it on your PC. Admitedly quite a few people seem to have sucess with this though I doubt it is recommended .. a search on these forums for people with similar thread names to yours will doubtless bring up one or two options of the third party software you might try
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    umm yes, i have my music, videos on my external. the prob is the apps. I dunno if I have to re-download them.
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    Your apps are in the itunes folder, so if you grabbed the whole lot for back up, they should be on the disc (or external drive) to be restored. So restoring your itunes from the backup should restore apps too (though not info stored in those apps eg calanders etc unless you made and saved externally a back up mirror of your ipod touch).

    If any are missing, I am pretty sure I have read about these forums that you can download an app that you have bought, and if you already own it, you won't be charged .. though I would test that on one app just to be sure
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    The thing is I don't have access to my old iTunes library (the dead HDD) and sadly I never backed the apps up . So I guess I gotta re-download them or find a 3rd party software to copy the apps from the touch to the laptop (?). But thanks anyway for the tips mate , really appreciated
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    Try Lightfooter's tip - get your computer all set up and authorized in iTunes, then try to download one of your apps. You will have to "buy" it again, but when you click on "buy," you get a message that you already have this app, do you want to D/L it again, or something like that.

    Search this forum for more information on this issue.