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    I use PC at work with Lotus Notes 8.5 at home all of our life runs off Apple environment (2 iPhones, 2 iPads and 3 iMacs), I use an app at work called Mobile Iron which syncs up all my email, contacts and work calendar to my iPhone, I then use iCloud to sync with the rest of my devices (iPads and iMacs) I now have all my calendars sharing the same information regardless of the device I use to look it up on, if you don't have an iPhone or Mobile Iron is not the way to go for your company you can also sync up your lotus notes with a google calendar account and also sync that up with ical.


    If you want add even more convenience, set up a google calendar account for the family and enter all the family events there like school schedules for your children, family gatherings, birthdays, etc. and sync that one up with your iphone as well, if you want to look only at your work schedule just tick the family calendar off or vice versa.

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    IBM has a product called Lotus Traveler that syncs your iPhone's calendar, and email with your lotus notes server.  Check with your Notes admin, there is a server-side piece required and your organization may not have it in place.

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    Thank you for your info, I have been using Notes Traveler for a year now.


    My question was however how I could sync the iCal on my Mac(s) (not the iPhone) with the Notes Calendar. This definitely does not work wtih Lotus Traveler, I have tried it already.





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    Your Notes client can subscribe to an iCalendar feed, as long as that feed is Public.  Share your iCloud calendar to Public, and iCloud will show you a URL that you can email to someone...  copy that URL, change the prototol to https://, then go to Notes, Calendar, Show Calendars, Add a Calendar, iCalendar Feed, and use that URL.  It's not a two-way sync, it simply adds the iCloud calendar to the same view as your Notes calendar.  This works great for me to be able to see household events on the same glass as work events, without posting business data outside my company's servers. 


    Unfortunately I haven't been able to get this working without making the iCloud calendar public.  If anyone has this working without giving the whole world the ability to stalk the iCloud calendar, please let me know.

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    Opps!  Sorry, I misunderstood.  Here's how I do it.


    Whenever I create an appointment in Lotus Notes that crosses over to my personal time, I also invite my iCloud email address.  Or if you make an iCloud appt you can also invite your Notes email address.  It's perhaps inelegant, but works well for me.


    I doubled-checked with our Notes admin and he said he's unaware of an automatic way to sync Mac OS X Calendar with Lotus Notes.  He sounded pretty certain too.



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    I don't want a sync, I just want to be able to view my iCLoud calendar using the Notes client like I did with Google Calendar.  I don't want my wife to invite me to every doc appt and lunch-with-girlfriends, but I want to see them on the same calendar as work so that if I'm asked about working late or out-of-town travel, I can see everything that is going on and answer appropriately.  Notes lets me check and uncheck the additional calendars as I need at any point in time, so I can include or exclude them from view as the need dictates. 

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    That reply was meant for the OP.


    Please excuse me.

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    Helloo Tote69,


    I just saw that you wrote that you use MobilIron at work and then sync calander and contacts through iPhone into iCloud in your home enviroment.


    I just started to use MobileIron as well but cannot get it to sync into iCloud. Can you help me?


    Best Regards,



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    When you go to calendars you should have one from your company's administrator (Mobile Iron) and one for icloud you can select each one of them independently do you have such set up ? Mobile Iron should seamlessly with icloud, when you access your icloud at home from a different Mac you should be able to see the events, you don't have to do anything on your end, if you don't have this set up talk to your Mobile Iron administrator to see what kind of set up they have.

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