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Dear Mac friends, I am trying to log on to a specific website, (free2minglechat.com) that I can access fine with my old, decrypted PC, but not my newer, used G4 quicksilver mac. I have an open ticket with the site host company, and they have had me run ping tests and route tracers, both came up good, bit when I try to access this chat site, I enter my username and password and it tell me that it can’t find/connect to the server. I have tried safari, FF and even Opera, I get the same message. I read through the forum, and tried setting up a standard account, that did not work either. Is there anything else I can check, setting wise on my mac? I am still waiting to hear from the site host too.... I have had no trouble getting to other sites for emails, I even set up yahoo messenger without a problem... I know that there are others who access the site with their macs, and I am 95% sure there are no ActiveX properties at play at this site...I have downloaded fresh flash player and Java, but still no dice... any ideas?

G4 quicksilver, Mac OS X (10.4.11)