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I recently inherited my husband's macbook pro (I had an old imac). I used time machine to bring in all my old files, then I installed iLife 9 on the new computer (the old one didn't have iphoto), but when I did, my old iTunes library did not come with it. I imported all music from the music folder, but I lost all of my playlists (which were many). When I tried to relaunch itunes holding down the option button and select my backed-up itunes folder from time machine, it gave me the message that this folder was "locked" and I didn't have permission to access it. When I tried to drag the old itunes library from time machine into my current itunes folder, that didn't work either. I noticed that my current itunes library has the extention library.xml, but the one that is backed up does not have this extension.
is there any way to get my old playlists back?? (the only way I backed up is with time machine)

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)