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Hey guys, it says I owe iTunes £10.55. I am a 13 year old with a debit card, and I have used my debit card before. I cannot re-enter my payment details as it says it was declined. I am pretty sure I do not owe iTunes any money. Thanks.

Windows Vista
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    Log into your iTunes Store account and look at your Purchase History. That will tell you what you've purchased so that you can see if you've made purchases beyond what your debit card could cover. If you have, you'll probably have to purchase a prepaid iTunes Store card and redeem it to clear the balance owed, or use a different debit card. Check with the bank that issued the one you've been using; if you've overdrawn it may have been cancelled.

    If you don't show purchases that would account for the balance owed, contact the iTunes Store Customer Service department using the form on their Support page (select the category and subcategory closest to the issue you're reporting) and explain your situation to them. They should be able to clear up matters for you.