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I shot some video with my iPhone, turned the phone sideways to shoot landscape. The video shot fine, played back fine. It even imported into my iPhoto and plays back correctly. The icon is right-side-up. Everything seems to be perfectly normal... until I import it into iMovie 6 HD. Then, the clip is upside down.

Can anybody help?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    *Rotating & Sizeing*

    In iMovie 1 - 6 . You need a plug-in

    In iMovie’08 . You can turn in 90-deg steps and enlarg the picture (but not shrink)

    • With a lot of disipline You can do this in QuickTime-Pro (in 90 deg steps + enlarge and shrink)

    • In FinalCut (Express or Pro) this is childs play.

    Put video on new video track. Turn on Image + Wireframe and grab one of the corners to rotate (increments of a degree or to a full 360 turn) and change size (enlarge or shrink) at Your likeing.

    Both in QT and FC (E or P) You can do picture in picture or even video walls.

    Plug-ins to iMovie ? - 6 .
    Stupendous software //www.stupendous-software.com
    GeeThree //www.geethree.com
    cf/x. //www.imovieplugins.com
    Apple //www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/videoezediapluginsforimovievol1.html

    from Klaus1.

    You can do this (90 deg rotation) using TransformMovie, available here


    Also, MPEG Streamclip can rotate video while maintaining the aspect ratio as well as the interlacing when converting to DV, which is what iMovie prefers as an input.


    from Rich839.

    Bengt is right that there is no rotate feature in iMovie itself. But you can import them into iPhoto. Click the edit button, and then rotate them there. Then import them back into iMovie.

    Yours Bengt W
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    Put the clip in your iMovie timeline and select it. Then go to Editing > Video FX > Mirror. Using the mirror effect, flip the clip over by sliding the Vertical Slider from Top to Bottom.