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Hi all, I've am ripping DVDs to my Mac Mini via MakeMKV and using Plex for playback. When I insert an HD DVD into the Mini, it gets spit back out. I knew that certain disc formats couldn't be played by the Mini, but I thought I read on a forum that the movie file could be extracted via Finder an then ripped. ? I wasn't aware of the Mini being unable to read the HD DVD format. Is there a way to get the Mini to read HD DVD and/or other newer formats so that I can rip and play via Plex? Thanks!

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Your Mac's optical drive cannot read an HD DVD. And breaking the copy protection, which would be necessary to copy the videos from the DVD and convert them, is illegal in the US (and other countries), so we're not allowed to discuss it here.


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    Hi DS, Thx for the reply. I had sent a follow up yesterday, but it seems it did not go through. This is what I had feared regarding the Mac Mini's optical drive. Is there any other device which I can connect to the Mini in order for it to read HD DVDs and utilize MakeMKV on the Mini to rip the disc?
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    Answering just on the question of reading an HD DVD disk on a Mac, to the best of my knowledge there are no drives available from any source that can mount an HD DVD disk on a Mac.

    Sorry, but we need to drop this issue now or the Discussions Hosts will probably pull the thread for noncompliance with the Discussions Terms of Use. Again, we cannot help with the ripping of copy-protected disks.
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    You would need to find an external drive that allows reading HD DVD's.
    This may be hard to do since HD DVD lost the format war to BLU-Ray.

    I have heard that the Xbox HD DVD add on (no longer produced or sold) works with Macs-at least it is recognized. I do not believe it will playback the HD DVD, but may allow read access to it.