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Hi there

my mac is only one month old, its the latest os x software, macbook pro.
lately (in most casses when im on you tube) i cant seem to open a new tab-i cant open it with ''comman T'' or even with ''file->new tab''. i would have to go down to the safari icon on my doc and open a new Window from there. and even when the new window opens, i cant open a new tab with it. unless i quit safari totally, then start it again.

another problem is also that, (mostly with the windows that cant open new tabs) they cant close.
i cant close it with tapping the small red icon 'x' on the top left of the browser neither can i close with with the kayboard shortcuts. unless, again, i quit safari-through the dock icon.

can anyone help me at all please?

also a few more mini problems i need to ask. when my mac is charging, it gets hotter than it usually is. is that normal? because if im not mistaken, this laptops dont overheat. and sometimes it gets a wee bit noisy-could that be because its too hot?

and one last bit,
most times when i move my lap top, i hear this clicking sound inside it. as if something is loose.
is that normal?
its macbook pro 5.5

can anyone help please? this has been bugging me everyday

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Try Safari maintenance...

    From the Safari Menu Bar, click Safari / Empty Cache. When you are done with that...

    From the Safari Menu Bar, click Safari / Reset Safari. Select the top 5 buttons and click Reset.

    Go here for trouble shooting 3rd party plugins or input managers which might be causing the problem.

    Safari: Add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues

    Since you are running Snow Leopard, make sure Safari is opening in 32-bit mode, not 64. Right or control click the Safari icon in the Applications folder, then click: Get Info In the Get Info window click the black disclosure triangle next to General so it faces down. Select 32 bit mode. Also, (in that same window) *make sure Safari is NOT running in Rosetta.*


Web pages now include a small icon or 'favicon' which is visible in the address bar and next to bookmarks. These icons take up disk space and slow Safari down. It is possible to erase the icons from your computer and start fresh. *To delete Safari's icon cache using the Finder, open your user folder, navigate to ~/Library/Safari/ and move this file "webpageIcons.db to the Trash.*

    Try uninstalling then reinstalling a new copy of the Flash Player plugin.

    Uninstall Flash

    Install Flash

    Then repair disk permissions...

    Quit any open applications/programs. Launch Disk Utility. (Applications/Utilities) Select MacintoshHD in the panel on the left, select the FirstAid tab. Click: Repair Disk Permissions. When it's finished from the Menu Bar, Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac. If you see a long list of "messages" in the permissions window, it's ok. That can be ignored. As long as you see, "Permissions Repair Complete" when it's finished... you're done. Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac.

    most times when i move my lap top, i hear this clicking sound inside it. as if something is loose; is that normal?

    it gets a wee bit noisy-could that be because its too hot?

    That is probably the fans.

    Considering you've only had it a month, take it in to an Apple store or an Apple certified repair provider and have them take a look at it just in case. You have a one year limited warranty unless your purchased AppleCare.


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    thank you so much.

    theres another problem though, everytime when i turn on the mac, this pop out appears..

    it says

    ''Community Toolbar

    We're sorry, but the Safari browser version you are using currently using does not support the
    community toolbar. ''

    any idea how i could get rid of this?
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    why does my safari browser have so much problems-specially when i have opened up facebook?
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)
    That toolbar/ct plugin seems to cause problems for all who install it!

    Locate and delete the following files and it should be gone:

    /Library/Application Support/Conduit
    /Library/Receipts/<Toolbar name>.pkg
    /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/CT2285220.bundle
    /Users/<User name>/Library/Application Support/Conduit

    where / is your the root library on your Hard Disk.