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So I have an apple id already and I thought I had it set up with payment options set to None. I do not want to register or use a credit card at this time so anytime I try and log into the Apple store it makes me enter a security question and my birth date then takes me to the payment options page WITHOUT the option to choose None.

I have tried clicking on a free app and following that route but anytime I try and log in it says "This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes store, Please review your account information" So I click the review button and it takes me back to the security questions and payment methods, once again WITHOUT the None option.

I cannot create a new account because my email is used (obviously), and trying to change the payment info through the apple website only leaves me with the option to change my id/password and my 1-Click Settings. 1-Click is turned off, I do not want it on with a credit card, but apple will still not let me set my payment method to None.

I do NOT want a credit card on my account and apple will not let me change this or delete my apple Id and start over. Am I missing something or is there a trick the apple is hiding because their customer support for this issue is non-existent. Please Help.