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I just purchased a iMac with Mac 0S 10.6.2 and I'm trying to connect to a local free wifi connection but the signal is to week at my desk's location...If i move it to the back door its got a full signal... Is there an antenna that i can purchase that is about 30-40 feet long... so i can get a signal at my desk?

I-Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    There are a number of hi-gain WiFi antennas that you can buy or even make but...

    Your iMac has a built in WiFi antenna and the only way you can take advantage of the hi-gain antenna is shut down the AirPort and use a USB WiFi dongle that allows the installation of an external antenna. Hawking Technologies is one source for this type of USB dongle.

    Between the dongle, the antenna, and the cabling, just move your iMac closer or get your own network connection.
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    I talked to the business right next to us and where their router is is about 15 feet from my iMac. I have the wireless router that we are going to put over there and see if i can pick it up... I shouldn't have any problems... We're just going to split the bill with them for the internet. This business also cannot get a strong signal.. So I think I've got it covered.
    Thanks for all the help...