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Hi, I've just started to use iPhoto 09, after a long long time getting to know my iMac, and organising my iTunes library...

I want a smart album to show photos which have no faces, but also to have photos which iPhoto has not picked up that a photo needs a "face ID" on, what I mean is, if a person is turned away to to the side, iPhoto might not pick up that it needs to be a "face" and so wont show up in the normal smart album Photo>is>unnamed

if anyone can help, would be great, I'm busy slowly importing my photos, and what to do this one step at a time


Mac OS X (10.5.8),  iMac 20",4Gb nano 3G,16Gb touch 1G, 8Gb nano 4G,Shuffle 1G, tv ,iPhone 3G S⃣