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5th Generation iPod works fine when Sports Kit not attached. When receiver attached and linked with sensor, the centre button doesn't work. Have to press it 5 - 10 times to start workout and similar when ending. If I try for an update during the workout, it doesn't work or deletes my current workout and starts a new one.

If this a faulty device? My iPod was new for Xmas and Sports Kit purchased mid-Jan. If faulty, how do I obtain replacement?

5th Generation iPod
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    This happens to me, too. And my iPod and sports kit are both new, bought at the same time. Then I discovered that the receiver could not detect the sensor. When you press Nike+ on your iPod and go to Basics, press Now Playing or try and play music. When it tells you to start walking around to activate your sensor, it means the sensor isn't linked to your iPod.

    Try this:

    1. Hold down center button and menu button on iPod until the Apple Logo appears and then let go
    2. Hold down the sensor's button for 5 seconds then press it twice one after another quickly, so hold for 5 then click click
    3. Put the sensor in your shoe
    4. Put the receiver into iPod and go to Nike+ iPod > Settings > Link then click center button to link to new sensor
    5. Walk around and the receiver should pick up on the sensor.

    I got this off this same forum, from kathieyakie and it worked. At least, the receiver detected the sensor. As to whether or not the buttons on the iPod will work as they should remains to be seen. I will go on my next walk/run on Tuesday. I hope it works.