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Jasmine23; Level 1 Level 1
Every time I try to purchase a song from iTunes, a message comes up that says this:

"Could not purchase (name of song). A required iTunes component is not installed.
The error number is (-42404)

I don't understand what iTunes component its talking about because I've never had this problem before until a couple of days ago. Please help me!

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 Level 5
    Do you have QuickTime? Have you recently upgraded iTunes or QuickTime? Which versions of each do you have?
  • Marc Mangrum Level 1 Level 1
    Hi, Jasmine!

    I had the same problem today and contacted Apple. They suggested deleting the SC Info directory but, it had no effect. The other suggestion they provided me was to completely remove iTunes, reinstall it, and reauthorize the computer. I followed the directions EXACTLY as indicated in the article listed below, and now everything is fine again.

    Since you are unable to authorize your purchases just like I was, I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes.

    To uninstall iTunes, please follow the steps in this article:

    Removing iTunes for Mac OS X

    After you've uninstalled iTunes and removed the related files, you will need to reinstall it. You can download the latest version (which is 9.1) free of charge from the iTunes website:


    After you've reinstalled iTunes, please ensure you have the latest version
    of QuickTime installed. iTunes 9.1 requires QuickTime 7.6 or later. You can find the latest version here:


    I hope this works for you. It did for me.