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Hi I am 2 weeks new to apple and am loving it. Only problem is I think I messed up my login keychain (i had no idea what that was). Long story short, I downloaded a widget and it kept on asking me for a keychain password. I had no idea what it was so I just deleted the widget and then deleted the keychain (again, not knowing what it was). Once I figured things out I did a keychain repair. Only problem now is that every time i open safari it asks me for my login keychain password. A bit annoying. Does anyone know what i did and how i can fix it?? (ps i went into the keychain manager and allowed safari to use the login psswd).

Apologies if none of this makes sense.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Have you tried running Keychain first aid?

    Open Keychain Access, then click Keychain in the top left, then Keychain First Aid
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    I am having some of the same problems as the OP. I am trying to run keychain fist aid but cannot find it or figure out how to do it. OS 10.6.3. In the upper left corner of the keychain access window, the only choices are "login", "system", and "system roots". Where do I find keychain first aid?
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    Open Keychain Access (Command-Keychain Access.app) then hit return.
    Once Keychain Access has started you will see the Keychain Access Menu, click on it and choose Keychain First Aide.
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    Open "Keychain Access" (found via Finder in the "Applications" -> "Utilities" folder).

    In the menubar at the top of the screen, select "Keychain Access" -> "Keychain First Aid"

    You will need to type your login password then select either "Verify" or "Repair" and click "Start".


    Select "Keychain Access" -> "Preferences..." then select the "First Aid" category.
    You should verify that all boxes on this panel are checked -- particularly the last three. This will ensure the keychain password is the same as your login password and that the keychain will be unlocked and made available when you log in (which should prevent the constant nagging to type your keychain password all the time.)