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There was another post here recently about this problem. I think I'm quitting an app, but apparently it keeps running in the background. My phone gets hotter and hotter and the battery drains within an hour or two. Somebody told me that there was an app called Advanced Task Killer. She said it's an app to shut down all apps. I've looked all over for it but have only found a podcast. I suspect it's not an iphone app. Does anyone know of an app which will shut down battery draining apps which seem to keep running even when you leave them????

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    On a non-jail broken iPhone, no 3rd party apps are allowed to run in the background, only the apps that come with the phone. When you return to the home screen all 3rd party apps should stop.

    To stop the apps that come with the OS..... Hold the top button until you see the slide to power off screen, then press the home button until the app stops running. You can also quit 3rd party apps this way to make sure they are off.

    If your phone is jail broken, you will have to go elsewhere for an answer.
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    Thanks! Seems complicated, but also seems to work.
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    which is the "top" button??

    Thanks, Jack

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    The one on the top of the phoneyou usually use to put the phone to sleep.
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    Also check your "settings". "Push" and "notifications" will run in the background and take up a lot of battery life. I keep those turned OFF unless I have the iPhone cradled in a charger. Check your settings for "fetch" to. If you've got that set to check frequently, then it will drain the battery as well. I really can't see any real use for these functions, so I usually have them off. My battery generally lasts all day. We have three iPhones: one, 3Gs and two 3G.
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    My phone is new- less than 30 days and it too, get hot!! Gradually, it get hotter and hotter! Should I be concerned? How do you cool it down?
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    if its less than 30 days and its hot all the time, book a Genius Appointment and have them look at it just in case the battery has a fault. It costs you nothing except time.
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    Thanks! It's my first iPhone and I'm not sure if it's "user error" or if I have valid reason for concern. It gets hot often but since it's new for me- I just don't know if I'm overreacting or maybe it's normal. You're saying, it's valid concern and I should take it in!

    Thanks, again!