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How do I delete a Safari Database on the iPod Touch?
I am able to clear history, cookies, and cache but, not databases.
On the Mac I am able to remove a database but, not on the iPod Touch.
What good is clearing cookies if databases remain?

iPod Touch model MC008LL, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4 (3,610 points)
    I looked in my Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers and none of them have an option to "clear databases". Not sure where you got the idea that browsers create databases other than cache, cookies, and browsing history but they certainly do not characterize other stored data as databases.
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    In Safari version 4.0.4 for the Mac.
    Safari menu / Preferences... / Security
    Database storage: "None" allowed before asking
    Below that you can press the "Show Databases" button.
    That lists the databases and includes buttons for "Remove" and "Remove All"

    On the iPod Touch go to
    Settings / Safari /
    Below "Accept Cookies" and above "Clear History" is "Databases >"
    Touch that and you are presented with any databases for Safari.
    Touch a database and you see "Used" and "Max Size" but, no way to delete the database.

    For information on the existence of databases in Safari see http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html . There are 9 references to "database' the first being in the section titled "HTML5 Offline Support"
  • luvlabs Level 4 Level 4 (3,610 points)
    I believe you have yourself worried over somethings that really doesn't exist yet.

    My Safari database storage limit is set to 10mb (default) and there are no databases present. As I said before, what databases? Maybe a web developer will chime in and tell us what this setting is for in Safari. It is not a parameter in FireFox and Chrome but maybe it will become one when HTML5 becomes dominant.

    On your touch, your databases are mail.google.com and Google Maps. You can choose not to have a gmail account but Maps will always be there as it is a default application.

    When and if developers actually develop databases and HTML5 code for Safari, I'll worry about it then.
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    There are two databases in my safari settings on my iPod Touch. They have nothing to do with Google. And I know when the second appeared. They very much exist.

    Please, only helpful comments. Not dismissive, not denials of what I have already found true, just helpful comments, please.
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    HTML 5 databases are already in use by some sites such as ESPN and GMail. To clear them on the iphone you go into the safari preferences, touch the databases option, then touch the edit button on the upper right, delete away.
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    Thanx for bringing this issue up. I didn't even know this existed. Anyhow, I checked mine, and sure enough there was an Apple 'help' one there. So I nixed it.

    By now, I'm sure you figured out that you only need to go into Settings > Safari and above "Clear History" is "Databases" (which only is visible IF you have any). Touch that and you are presented with any databases for Safari. Touch each listed database, touch the 'Edit' in the upper right. Then just delete in normal fashion.

    I hope that is helpful.