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My old pc crashed & I lost everything on it as I didn't back-up. I do not have that pc anymore, I now have a new one and have installed itunes; please can someone tell me how to copy/sync the music on my iphone 3GS on to itunes on my new pc, and sync the contacts on my iphone onto Outlook on my new pc? My account info on itunes says I have 2 computers authorised to my account and I don't seem to be able to de-authorise the old pc from the account?

I am concerned about accidently erasing content, in particular my contacts.

Many thanks.

Windows XP
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    No backup is a bad idea.

    You can transfer itunes purchases: Without syncing - File>Transfer Purchases make sure you are signed into your account and authorized on the new computer first.

    If you enter at least one unique contact and calendar entry in your computer, then you should get the option to merge the data when you first sync.

    You cannot de-authorize a computer that you do not have access to.

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    Thanks roaminggome! - yes I totally agree!-I have learnt my lesson & now have a 1TB external hard-drive!

    Is the problem because I am unable to de-authorize my old pc?

    Unfortunately the majority of my music is from cd's that I have imported, not from itunes purchases. However I have just tried doing this for the few songs that I have actually purchased and it won't let me as 'Transfer Purchases from Ipod' is greyed-out; I am signed-in & authorised so I don't know why this won't work either. Not having much luck all-round!?
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    In order for the Transfer Purchases to work, you need to be logged into the same iTunes ID on the computer that the purchased content on the iPhone was purchased under. If it is the same as the one on the computer, try the following:

    Download the Free Single of the Week from the iTunes Store.
    Play the song in iTunes on the computer.
    Try the "Transfer purchases" option in the Store Menu again.

    For non-purchased content, you will have to use third party software such as this:

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    Thanks wjosten - I have just downloaded the free single thank you but unfortunately "Transfer purchases" option in the Store Menu is still greyed-out. I would have purchased the music either directly from itunes on my iphone when I had my old pc, or purchased from itunes on the old pc...

    I have had a look at the wideanglesoftware website too thank you; it says
    that 'this file type can potentially harm my computer', so I am a bit wary, or am I being over-cautious?!
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    Touchcopy has been around for sometime & is highly regarded. Of course, being third party software it is neither endorsed or supported by Apple. Third party software like touchcopy is the only way to transfer non itunes purchased music to your new library from your phone.

    We need to figure out why you are unable to transfer purchased content. This indicates an authorization problem. Are you positive that the account you used to purchase this music matches the account on your computer & your phone? If so, try de-authorizing your computer. Then disable auto sync when an ipod/iphone is connected, under preferences in itunes. In windows, this will be under the edit menu. Then, connect your phone, DO NOT SYNC, go up to Store>Authorize this Computer. Make sure the account on your phone matches the account you're signed into in itunes. See if you can transfer purchases now.
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    Is the iPhone connected to iTunes and recognized in the left pane of iTunes? This is necessary to transfer purchases. Also, have you logged on to your iTunes account from the iPhone?
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    Hello all! Thank you so much, you have been really helpful! Sorry for the delay in replying to the more recent posts; as a bit of a techno-phobe I admit I was struggling a bit and delaying the inevitable(!)...however...

    I have now downloaded TouchCopy and have backed everything up which is a relief, and nearly all my music(for some reason there is a small amount of music that has failed to copy to the back-up folder on my pc when my iphone is connected to Touchcopy, and also to itunes )/voice memo's/apps have been copied to itunes, and contacts copied to Outlook.

    The main problem I have though is that my iphone is not syncing with my itunes; it says 'iphone sync is complete' however I know it is not in fact complete as when I got my new pc I imported a few cd's onto itunes and these have not copied onto/synched with my iphone when it is connected. Can anyone please help? - syncing is very important!?

    Many thanks once again.