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I'm going crazy here! I cannot find the iPhoto Directory file I need to locate to delete it and create a new file in my external drive.

I can't seem to find an indication in the Preferences section of the program itself either.

I've done a search with the name, I've looked everywhere in Finder, Library, User directories, etc. I can't say I've looked EVERYWHERE because obviously that file is somewhere!

Any ideas? It just doesn't seem to be where it would normally be defaulted to. Somewhere in time I must have moved it.

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    Control-click any photo, choose Show in Finder, and command-click the title bar of the window which appears.

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    Oh my gosh! It's referencing an old external drive that I've since re named. Can't find the directory yet, but this is further than I've gotten so far. Still looking...
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    Niel, thank you very much for your response. Mystery solved and found the "iPhoto Library" folder.

    However, I discovered a bizarre condition. Not sure if you can shed light on this, but here it is:

    The file exists in a sub directory which trails back to a main folder that seems to not exist. In other words, I cannot path down to this file from a drive to folder to sub folder in Finder. That main root directory is not showing in Finder!

    Maybe this is a clue: The directory when I follow your search commands lists the folder location starting with "/Volumes/..." I don't have any directories or drives with that starting name.

    Any comments on this mystery is appreciated.
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    Choose Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu and provide /Volumes/ as the path.

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    Yep. There it is. Learning something every day!

    Everything in there is a shortcut to each of my disk drives except that one Directory with the iPhoto file. Somehow, when I renamed the disk drive, iPhoto mapped it. But to where I'll never know. That directory still doesn't appear anywhere when I manually search through Finder.

    Never the less, I accomplished my goal of moving the iPhoto Library file to my external drive.

    Thank you for your support!!