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Well here is my situation.
A couple of weeks ago i got a prepaid credit card which i used online, i had a small amount of balance left over so i downloaded some songs to use it all up. I was expecting i tunes to stop my downloading when my prepaid credit card balance became zero but it didn't. Now I apparently owe i tunes some money and has stopped me from downloading anything from i tunes (free apps). Do I have to pay back i tunes for money that I don't think I should have ever been charged for to continue using i tunes? What do you think I should do?

Also if I buy and redeem an i tunes card will my card balance immediately be reduced to pay for them overcharging my prepaid credit card.

Details on prepaid credit card:
It is a visa gift card, i bought it with money already preloaded onto it. Money cannot be added to the balance. I have used them before buying clothing and it immediately told me when i had insufficient funds and never overcharged me.

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section!!!

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    Is this a joke?

    Of course you have to pay them. You spent the money.

    How is it that you think you shouldn't pay them for song that you bought?

    They should know that you are too irresponsible to keep up with your own finances and they should do it for you.

    Is it your cars fault if you get a speeding ticket, because it let you go too fast?

    I have no idea how you think that you should not have to pay for songs that you bought.
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    I dont know i was just expecting a message or something to tell me that i was going over.

    Also in a speeding ticket you should be able check your speedometer so it is exactly the same as you would know that you are speeding.

    I also wasnt saying i wasnt going to pay for it i just want to get a couple of free apps and i dont have a normal credit card to pay for my over charged funds.
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    A merchant has no way of knowing what balance is remaining in a prepaid credit card - banks don't report this sort of information to a merchant - so there's no way the iTunes Store could have notified you that you were going to go over.

    You will, as you probably know by now, not be able to download anything further until you pay the balance you owe. You can do this by buying a prepaid iTunes card or entering in another credit card (prepaid or normal). The iTunes Store should then automatically debit the card to clear the amount you owe.