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I bought my ipod about 16 days ago at a walmart and i gave it as a gift I guess the ipod wont turn all the way on once you hit the button to turn on it just stays at the white apple symbol and it wont do anything else and because it has been past the 15th day i cant return it because wal mart wont accept it is there anything i can do to make it work or whats even wrong with it?


Windows 7
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    Did you ever connect it to your computer to set it up? Is it fully charged?
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    i have the same problem. I had been using it one day and it froze, so i shut it off completely and it wont turn back on. now my ipod touch just shows me the apple symbol when i reset it and then it goes away after about 30 seconds and turns off again. what can i do to fix this? the computer doesnt recognize it either. and nothing happens when i plug it into the wall. i know the battery was close to full when it stopped working. please help me!
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    Call Apple support,they will help you. it has a 90 day warranty. Please do not be offended by the following.. read the manual and follow the instructions to the letter.
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    thanks, but the warranty has expired, and i have read the manual, but it doesnt tell me anything that applies to my situation. do you know if it is a fixable problem if i take it into repair services?