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The other day I unfortunately spilt water on my MacBook, and after seeing Apple, I was at the least happy to hear that my hard drive hadn't been damaged. The computer won't turn on of course, it's completely nackered. My question is, how can I get my files off of the hard drive? We have a home pc and an external USB HD.

Thank you.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Why not just remove the hard drive from the computer?

    There's nothing you can really do on a PC because Windows cannot read or write a Mac formatted drive without third-party software. If you remove the drive then you can install it in an external enclosure so it can be connected to another Mac.
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    You could put the hard drive in the external enclosure (this may VOID warranty of the external hard drive) or buy an enclosure with the right connection.

    As for copying the files i run windows on my Macbook with bootcamp and can access the mac partitions natively (boot camp needs to be installed on windows), you could try installing bootcamp (windows side on the machine). Which is much better then using a third party software.

    Link to where you can download

    Use the latest as previous versions didn't have access to Mac partitions

    NOTE: I have not tried installing bootcamp (windows) on anything other then on a mac, I am unaware if this violates any licence agreements.