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Hi everyone!
I bought a new laptop lately, and I wanted to sync all the applications on the iphone with itunes, but it keeps saying, "please authorize your computer" - which I already did. Then all my apps disappeared from the phone, so I downloaded everything to iTunes again, and tried to sync, but it seems that the apps cannot be synced with the phone. I tried to download every program to the phone again, and then sync it again, but it still won't work. I reinstalled iTunes and visited the support page and tried everything regarding the authorization and deauthorization articles there (administration account, deleticn SC folder from program data etc), and it still does not work. I can see all the apps on the computer, but when I want to sync, it simply won't copy anything to the phone. So I have to download every program from app. store via my phone, and it works perfectly, until I connect the phone with the computer. I searched for an apple email address, but I cannot find anything (I live in Hungary, Europe, and I just realized that the apple support is really poor here).
Can somebody please help or just give me an official apple email address to write my problem to them as well?
Thank you very much!

MSI EX620, Windows Vista